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Table 4 Correlation of Baseline Parameters with Quantitative Measurements of Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque Burden in the Common Carotid Artery/Internal Carotid Artery

From: High resolution carotid black-blood 3T MR with parallel imaging and dedicated 4-channel surface coils

Spearman's R
Mean Lumen Area Mean Wall Area Mean Total Vessel Area Mean NWI
Age n.s./-0.57* 0.76**/0.57* 0.40*/n.s. 0.82**/0.76*
Body Mass Index n.s./n.s. n.s./n.s. n.s./n.s. n.s./n.s.
Male Gender 0.59*/n.s. n.s./n.s. 0.61*/n.s. n.s./n.s.
Diabetes n.s./n.s. n.s./0.56* n.s./n.s. n.s./0.56*
Hypercholesterolemia n.s./-0.59* 0.61*/n.s. n.s./n.s. 0.68**/0.49*
Hypertension n.s./n.s. 0.53*/0.57* n.s./n.s. 0.64*/0.60*
Family History of CVD n.s./n.s. n.s./n.s. n.s./n.s. n.s./n.s.
Coronary Heart Disease n.s./n.s. 0.45*/n.s. 0.41*/n.s. n.s./0.47*
Active Smoker n.s./n.s. -0.43*/n.s. n.s./n.s. -0.47*/n.s.
  1. CCA = Common Carotid Artery; ICA = Internal Carotid Artery, NWI = Normalized Wall Index; *p < 0.05; **p < 0.001; CVD = Cardiovascular Disease