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Table 1 Validation of DSI Tractography.

From: Diffusion MR tractography of the heart

  Organ Known Anatomical Features
Wedeen et al [33] Brain Crossing nerve tracts (optic chiasm, brainstem and others)
Gilbert et al [36] Tongue Core of crossing fiber tracts
Sosnovik et al [27] Myocardium Array of crossing helical myofibers
  Organ Validation Technique
Lin et al [37] Optic tracts Manganese-enhanced MRI
Schmahmann et al [61] Brain Autoradiography
Gaige et al [62] Tongue Two-photon microscopy
Sosnovik et al [27] Myocardium Histology
  1. The technique has been validated in several organ systems by resolving known anatomical features and also by direct comparison with a second imaging modality. A partial list of the performed validation studies is provided.