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Table 3 Aortopulmonary collateral arteries in 15 neonates with PA

From: Preoperative evaluation of pulmonary artery morphology and pulmonary circulation in neonates with pulmonary atresia - usefulness of MR angiography in clinical routine

APCA origin destination n**
direct descending aorta whole right or left lung 7
   upper lobe 5
   lower lobe and middle lobe 2
   lower lobe 3
   pulmonary artery * 2
   lower lobe and lingula 1
  aortic arch lower lobe and middle lobe 1
   lower lobe 1
indirect subclavian artery right and left lung via confluent pulmonary arteries * 1
   upper lobe 5
  left coronary artery lower lobe 1
  coeliac trunc lower lobe 2
from the ascending aorta   lower lobe 1
   lower lobe and lingula 1
  1. * anastomosis in the region of the hilum, ** n = number of APCAs