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Figure 8

From: Shortened Modified Look-Locker Inversion recovery (ShMOLLI) for clinical myocardial T1-mapping at 1.5 and 3 T within a 9 heartbeat breathhold

Figure 8

Simulated average relative T1 estimation error (thick lines) with boundaries characterising dependence on heart rate (thin lines) and measurement noise (whiskers) as a function of reference T1ref. A) Standard MOLLI reconstruction applied to the proposed ShMOLLI sampling scheme demonstrates very large errors reaching -60%, with accuracy acceptable only within the shortest T1 range (grey rectangle). B) Accuracy is improved for short T1 range when the last sample is removed from analysis; however very short T1estimates suffer increased variability and the longer T1 are affected by heart rate dependent bias and noise. C) Simple Look-Locker IR experiment has adequate accuracy only for long T1. D) Concept of conditional use of the marked parts of reconstructions A/B/C to obtain the wide range of ShMOLLI T1 estimates with the average bias within 5% range (dotted lines).

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