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Table 1 Measurements and Adjustments of physiological parameters in the isolated pig heart model

From: An isolated pig heart for the development, validation and translation of novel magnetic resonance techniques

Parameter Assessed by Controlled by Experimental setup
pO2, pCO2 Oxygen probe (interstitial)
Part. Pressure (ven., art.)
Blood oxygenator, oxygenation of dialysate Levels of pO2: fully adjustable to induce graded hypoxia
Levels of pCo2: Adjusted to pH
pH blood gas analysis CO2 saturation Constant
Preload, Afterload Tip Manometer   Adjustable
CPP, CBF Tip Manometer, Flowmeter Flow/Afterload individually for each coronary
Heart rate ECG Pacer permanent registration
LVP, RVP conductance catheter, tip-manometer   Constant (Modified according to the afterload level)
Troponin/Myoglobin/Creatine kinase/glucose/lactate blood samples   Blood Gas Analysis
Tissue EMB (Histology, immunohisto-chemistry, electron microscopy)   
(CPP Coronary perfusion pressure, LVP left ventricular pressure, RVP right ventricular pressure, SV stroke volume, dP/dt pressure over time/myocardial contractile function, DTF diastolic time frame, EMB endomyocardial biopsy)