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Table 1 Patient demographics and cardiovascular pathology of the study group

From: 3D Echo systematically underestimates right ventricular volumes compared to cardiovascular magnetic resonance in adult congenital heart disease patients with moderate or severe RV dilatation

Variable Normal RV group Abnormal RV group P value
  CoA ToF/TGA  
Age (years) 26 (6.8) 27 (5.2) ns
Number (male) 7 (5) 18 (7) ns
BSA 1.76 (0.18) 1.71 (0.22) ns
Days between CMR & 3D echo 125 (145) 120 (149) ns
  1. Data presented as mean (SD) or absolute values. CoA, aortic coarctation; ToF, Tetralogy of Fallot. BSA, body surface area.