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Table 1 Experimental conditions and calculated myocardial perfusion rates (Fermi deconvolution) for the dynamic test and the reproducibility test represented in Figure 2 B and C respectively.

From: Dynamic simulation of first pass myocardial perfusion MR with a novel perfusion phantom

  Dynamic response test Reproduciblity test (n=6)
Cardiac output (l/min) 3 l/min 4 l/min
Right myocardial perfusion 10-7.5-5-2.5-1 ml/g/min 5 ml/g/min
Fermi deconvolution results - Right myocardial perfusion 9.8, 6.4, 4.0, 2.0, 0.9 ml/g/min, respectively 5.5±0.2 ml/g/min
Left myocardial perfusion 10 ml/g/min 10 ml/g/min
Fermi deconvolution results - Left myocardial perfusion 10.8 ml/g/min 9.5±0.2 ml/g/min
Injected Gadobutrol volume 0.6 ml 0.6 ml
Speed of Gd injection (ml/s) followed by 20 ml of saline 4 ml/s 4 ml/s