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Table 1 Transit times and contrast bolus dispersion

From: First-pass contrast bolus hemodynamics contain information on right ventricular function, remodeling, and lung resistance in pulmonary arterial hypertension patients

  PAH (n=32) Non-PAH (n=11) Controls (n=18) P
Peak Transit Time (s) 8.2††‡‡ [6.9-9.9] 6.5†† [5.6-7.0] 6.4‡‡ [5.7-7.1] 0.0003*
FWHM LV (s) 8.2††‡‡ [5.7-11.4] 5.0†† [4.0-7.3] 5.2‡‡ [4.1-6.1] 0.0006*
Time-to-Peak LV (s) 4.8††‡‡ [3.9-6.5] 3.6†† [2.7-4.0] 3.2‡‡ [2.8-3.8] 0.0001*
  1. Peak-to-peak cardiopulmonary transit time, left ventricular full-width-half-maximum (FWHM) and time-to-peak measurements were significantly longer for PAH patients than for non-PAH patients and healthy controls. Mann-Whitney U test was used to comparison of all three groups: *p<0.01. Wilcoxon rank-sum text was used for individual group comparisons: PAH vs non-PAH: p<0.05, ††p<0.01; PAH vs. controls: p<0.05, ‡‡ p<0.01.