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Table 2 Accuracy of CMR for detection of HCM in comparison to 2-dimensional echocardiography

From: The diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy by cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Authors Year Journal Number of patients % of HCM patients detected by MRI only Location of CMR detected abnormality
Maron et al.[24] 2009 Journal of the American College of Cardiology 333 12% Anterolateral free wall, posterior portion of septum, LV apex
Maron et al.[108] 2007 Circulation 2 100% Anterior free wall
Rickers et al.[23] 2005 Circulation 48 6% Anterolateral free wall
Moon et al. [35] 2004 Heart 10 100 Apical
Pons-Llado et al.[109] 1997 Am. Journal of Cardiology 30 Echocardiography underestimated wall thickness Anterior basal, septal anterior mid-ventricular, lateral mid-ventricular
Posma et al. [110] 1996 American Heart Journal 52 Echocardiography underestimated wall thickness in 37%. Anterobasal septum, anterolateral wall, posteroseptal wall, apical septum, posterior wall