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Table 1 Relative signal and heating performance among guidewire designs

From: MRI active guidewire with an embedded temperature probe and providing a distinct tip signal to enhance clinical safety

Solder attachment configuration Tip/ shaft signal Max. heating ratio Max. heated point
Distal 0.97 0.63 2.5 cm away from tip
Proximal 0.12 1 2.5 cm away from tip
Distal & Proximal 0.52 0.32 1 cm away from tip
Not Connected No tip signal 0.10 Junction, 12.5 cm from tip
  1. The four rows indicate four different solder configurations of the distal solenoid: distal, proximal, both, or free-floating. For each design, the table indicates the relative signal of the tip compared with the shaft; the maximum temperature increase normalized to the worst-case design; and the location of the point of maximum heating.