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Table 1 Patient Subgroup Classification

From: Diagnostic accuracy of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging of right ventricular morphology and function in the assessment of suspected pulmonary hypertension results from the ASPIRE registry

Clinical classification of PH patients as per Dana Point[[24]]
Gp1 PAH (n = 83)  
 Idiopathic 28
 PAH Connective tissue diseases 39
 PAH Portal hypertension 5
 PAH Congenital heart disease 11
Gp2 PH due to left heart disease (n = 21)  
 LV Diastolic dysfunction 21
Gp3 PH due to lung diseases and/or hypoxia (n = 29)  
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 19
 Interstitial lung disease 5
 Mixed obstructive and restrictive 7
Gp4 CTEPH 59