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Table 2 Inclusion and Exclusion criteria

From: Design and rationale of the MR-INFORM study: stress perfusion cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging to guide the management of patients with stable coronary artery disease

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
CCS Class 2 and 3AND EITHER: 2 or more of the following risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, smoking, family history, hypercholesterolaemia) OR Positive Exercise treadmill/bicycle test Contra-indications to CMR
  Contra-indications to adenosine (AV-block2 or 3, symptomatic bradycardia, COPD with evidence of bronchospasm or asthma)
  Cardiac arrhythmias which may compromise image quality, atrial fibrillation or frequent ectopic beats > 20 bpm)
Age > 18 yrs Known Left ventricular ejection fraction of less than 30%
Willing to undergo all study procedures Persistent CCS class 4 angina
  NYHA class 3 and 4
  Previous coronary artery bypass grafts
  PCI within the previous 6 months
  Poor renal function (GFR < 30 ml/min) and /or allergy to contrast media
  Inability to lie supine for 60 mins
  Unstable medically
  Participating in any other clinical trial
  Pregnancy / breast feeding