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Table 1

From: Stress CMR myocardial perfusion imaging (CMR-MPI) is cost-effective compared to nuclear SPECT: a retrospective cost-effectiveness analysis

  CMR-MPI Negative or equivocal for Ischemia SPECT Negative or equivocal for Ischemia
Cardiac Event Rate (%/2 years) N=9 (1.3%) N=32 (4.6%)
Need for Repeat Imaging within 2 years N=27 (6%) N=99 (14%)
Need for coronary angiography within 2 years N=24 (3%) N=155 (22%)
PCI or Bypass Surgery Performed within 2 years N=15 N=46
Estimated Cost of SPECT or CMR-MPI (N=705) $704,000 $598,400
Estimated Costs of Related Patient Care over 2-yrs ($) $789,642 $3,419,355