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Figure 13

From: Guidelines and protocols for cardiovascular magnetic resonance in children and adults with congenital heart disease: SCMR expert consensus group on congenital heart disease

Figure 13

Schematic diagram illustrating data acquisition timing in a first-pass perfusion sequence. Each rectangle represents data acquisition to form one complete image and the numbers inside them correspond to different slice locations. At a heart rate of 60 bpm (A), the cardiac cycle length is long enough to allow acquisition of 4 slice locations during each beat. The slice locations are timed to different phases of the cardiac cycle, but each location is acquired repeatedly at the same phase in subsequent cycles. At a heart rate of 120 bpm (B), the cardiac cycle length is shorter so only two slice locations can be acquired over each beat; the other 2 locations are acquired the following beat. Note that the temporal resolution (images per unit time) is the same in A and B.

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