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Table 2 Late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) added significant predictive ability for either death or transplant free survival beyond ejection fraction (EF), age, regional wall motion by echocardiography and gender in Cox regression models regardless of how EF was measured

From: Effectiveness of late gadolinium enhancement to improve outcomes prediction in patients referred for cardiovascular magnetic resonance after echocardiography

    Multivariable Cox regression model: Adjusted hazard ratio for LGE (95% CI) NRI (95% CI) IDI (95% CI)
Outcome EF modality
Mortality CMR 3.84 (1.11-13.4) 0.61 (0.30-0.92) 0.017 (0.005, 0.028)
Mortality echocardiography 4.44 (1.30-15.2) 0.72 (0.40-0.98) 0.024 (0.008, 0.040)
Transplant free survival CMR 4.02 (1.16-13.9) 0.64 (0.35-0.93) 0.018 (0.005, 0.030)
Transplant free survival echocardiography 4.79 (1.41-16.3) 0.74 (0.46-0.99) 0.027 (0.009, 0.044)
  1. All models stratified by gender and adjusted for age, regional wall motion abnormalities by echocardiography and ejection fraction (EF) by either echocardiography or CMR. The net reclassification improvement (NRI) and integrated discrimination improvement (IDI) reflect the added performance of the model after LGE data are added.