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Table 2 Average results of the local PWV measurements in the abdominal aorta, determined with 6 animals

From: Fast retrospectively triggered local pulse-wave velocity measurements in mice with CMR-microscopy using a radial trajectory

Parameters Results
Weight (g) 24.9±3.1
Peak CSA [ mm2]  
Cartesian Measurement 0.75±0.05
Radial Triggered Measurement 0.75±0.04
Retrospective Measurement 0.73±0.04
Peak volume flow [ cm3/s]  
Cartesian Measurement 0.27±0.04
Radial Triggered Measurement 0.28±0.03
Retrospective Measurement 0.28±0.04
PWV [m/s]  
Cartesian Measurement 2.4±0.2
Radial Triggered Measurement 2.3±0.2
Retrospective Measurement 2.3±0.2
  1. Results are presented as mean ± SE. PWV: Pulse-wave velocity. CSA: Cross-sectional-area.