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Table 1 Coefficients (p-values) for linear regression between of SRI and Epeak (in logarithmic scale), and post-contrast T1 times at 12'. Model 1 included covariates glomerular filtration rate, pre-contrast T1 values adjusted to the heart rate, time difference between gadolinium injection and imaging, and gadolinium dosage in mmol/kg. Model 2 included adjustment for age, gender and ethnicity in addition to model 1 covariates.

From: Diastolic function from tagged MRI and myocardial fibrosis: the Multi-Ethnic study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)

Diastolic function parameter Coefficient (p value)
  Univariate Model 1 Model 2
E peak 4.6E-4 (0.125) 3.4E-4 (0.311) 6.5E-4 (0.073)
SRI -1.04E-3 (0.021) -1.14E-3 (0.014) -1.15E-3 (0.022)