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Figure 1 | Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

Figure 1

From: Differences in pulmonary flow patterns between surgical and percutaneous implanted bovine valves to restore the right ventricle outflow tract continuity: a four dimensional flow magnetic resonance study

Figure 1

Upper rows; (A) Contegra conduit, upper left (sagittal view), upper right (coronal view); there is a focal small aneurysm in the lateral wall. (B) Melody valve, upper left (sagittal view), upper right (coronal view). Middle rows show traces of color-coded streamlines demonstrating eccentric flow, pulmonary flow is deviated from the midline, and vortex is seen. The lower rows are magnification of the vortex in a phase with the maximal vortex diameter. Vortex size measured as a percentage of the vessel diameter: diameter of the vortex (b)/diameter of pulmonary artery (a).

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