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Table 1 Global RV and LV ECV ranges at 3T and 1.5T as determined using T1 BP values from either the RV or LV on T1 and T1* parametric maps.

From: High-resolution modified look-locker inversion recovery (HR-MOLLI) for RV extracellular volume fraction at 3T and 1.5T: A feasibility study

  3T 1.5T
T1 BP Estimate RVT1 RVT1* (γ) LVT1 LVT1* (γ) RVT1 RVT1* (γ) LVT1 LVT1* (γ)
RV Global 27-33.5% 26.7-33.1% 24.6-30.8% 26.7-33.5% 24.3-30.8% 24.8-31.5% 24.5-30.8% 24.1-30.6
LV Global 23.5-29.3% 23.3-29.1% 21.4-27% 23.3-29.2% 20.2-26% 20.8-28% 20.1-26% 19.8-25.5%
  1. RV global ECV and LV global ECV calculated using LV values on the T1 parametric map yields unique lower ECV ranges when compared to other blood pool T1 estimation techniques at 3T (p < 0.01). This influence of T1 blood pool estimation on ECV values is not apparent at 1.5T. Interestingly, using T1 parametric maps with T1 BP estimation from the LV at 3T yields RV and LV global ECV values similar to those calculated at 1.5T (p > 0.05). γ: RV global ECV vs LV global ECV, p < 0.001 for each T1 BP estimate comparison. RV T1 = RV blood pool T1 determined on T1 parametric Map, RV T1* = RV blood pool determined on T1*