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Table 1

From: Aortic valve timing is critical for accurate estimation of MRI-derived ejection fraction

Scheme End-Diastolic Phase End-Systolic Phase EF Error
(EF = 35 %)
EF Error
(EF = 70 %)
A 1st Phase after EKG Trigger Phase when mid-ventricular
slice area reaches minimum.
3.1% 4.6%
B 2nd Phase after EKG Trigger   2.3% 3.5%
C 1st Phase before EKG Trigger   3.0% 4.4%
D 2nd Phase before EKG Trigger   3.4% 5.1%
E Phase of Max Global Volume Phase of Min Global Volume 4.7% 6.4%
F Phase of Max Slice Volume Phase of Min Slice Volume 7.0% 8.7%
G Aortic Valve Opening Aortic Valve Closing -- --