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Figure 1

From: Localized chronic iron deposition within non-reperfused myocardial infarctions

Figure 1

Representative LGE images and T2*-weighted images (TE=6.9ms) acquired on day 7 (acute) and at 4 months (chronic) post-MI from a canine subjected to permanent ligation of LAD are shown. Arrows point to the site of infarction on LGE images and iron deposition on T2*-weighted images. T2* losses were observed within infarcted territories in both acute and chronic phases of MI indicating iron deposition. Ex-vivo TTC staining showed pale brown discoloration in the core of MI. Microscopic histopathology using Perls staining (scale bars = 200┬Ám) showed significant iron deposition within infarcted territories but not in remote myocardium.

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