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Table 2 Comparison of MRI and EPS parameters

From: Correlation of scar localization between cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and electro-anatomic mapping at electrophysiology study in patients with cardiac rhythm management devices

CMR parameter EPS parameter Co-efficient of correlation P-value 95% confidence interval for r Sample size
CMR-All LV scar EPS-All LV scar 0.59 p<0.0025 0.24-0.8 24
CMR-LV endocardial scar EPS-LV endocardial scar 0.83 p<0.0001 0.64-0.92 24
CMR-LV epicardial scar EPS-LV epicardial scar 0.65 p=0.078 -0.09-0.93 8
CMR-LV wall motion abnormality EPS-LV endocardial scar 0.49 p=0.0092 0.14-0.73 27
CMR-RV scar EPS-RV scar 0.57 p=0.0031 0.22-0.79 24
CMR-RV wall motion abnormality EPS-RV scar 0.42 p=0.028 0.05-0.69 27