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Table 1 Mean ± SD and range of T2 values measured in all volunteers in RV and LV with MLEV4 and MLEV8 T2 preparation schemes. Reduced maximum SD shows lower variability within the ROI for MLEV8.

From: An improved preparation pulse for quantitative t2 mapping of blood in the cardiac chambers

Mean ± SD (ms) across subjects 152.36 ± 14.55 160.72 ± 31.17 185.26 ± 18.64* 224.44 ± 12.41*ϯ
Coefficient of Variation across subjects 9.55 19.4 10.06 5.53
Maximum SD within each ROI across subjects 21.3 21.9 15.7 17.9
  1. *RV and LV T2 with MLEV8 are significantly higher compared to RV and LV T2 with MLEV4.
  2. Ï® LV T2 is significantly different from RV T2 with MLEV8.