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Table 2 Vortex quantification parameters

From: Vortex flow during early and late left ventricular filling in normal subjects: quantitative characterization using retrospectively-gated 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance and three-dimensional vortex core analysis

  C (clockwise) in degrees L R Vortex Orientation in degrees Vortex CI
E-vortex ring 89°±23° 0.19±0.04 0.27±0.07 71° ± 9° 0.79±0.09
A-vortex ring* 100°±23° 0.15±0.05 0.20±0.09 74° ± 4° 0.57±0.06
Statistical Significant No p=0.001 p=0.048 No p<0.001
  1. *In 21 subjects an A-filling vortex was observed. Data are presented as mean ± standard deviation.