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Table 2 Microvascular characteristics

From: Measurement of myocardial blood flow by cardiovascular magnetic resonance perfusion: comparison of distributed parameter and Fermi models with single and dual bolus

Microvascular characteristics Equation
v b v b  = MBFT c
v e v e  = MBF (T − T c )
v d v d  = MBFT
PS \( PS=\frac{MBF\cdot \left(T-{T}_c\right)}{T_e} \)
E \( E=1- \exp \left(-\frac{PS}{MPF}\right) \)
MPF MPF = MBF (1 − hct)
  1. Microvascular characteristics were calculated by incorporating the fitted parameters of the distributed parameter model into the following relationships (see reference [4]). Myocardial plasma flow (MPF) was used to calculate extravascular-extracellular space (ve), distribution volume (vd), permeability surface area product (PS) and extraction fraction (E) and myocardial blood flow (MBF) to calculate intravascular space (vb). Hematocrit: hct.