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Table 1 Imaging parameters for 3D multi-contrast sequences

From: Evaluation of 3D multi-contrast joint intra- and extracranial vessel wall cardiovascular magnetic resonance

  3D-MERGE T2-weighted VISTA SNAP
FOV (FHxLRxAP mm3) 250x160x40
Resolution (FHxLRxAP mm3) for acquisition/reconstruction 0.8x0.8x0.8/0.4x0.4x0.4
TE (ms) 4.2 255/86a 4.5
TR (ms) 9 2500 10/1987b
Echo spacing (ms) NA 10.8/3.6c NA
Flip angle (deg) 6 32 11/5d
Turbo factor 90 130 + 4e 98
Averages 2 1 2
Scan time (min) 3:10 4:32 6:47
  1. aEffective echo time/Equivalent echo time
  2. bSPGR repetition time/inversion recovery repetition time (IRTR)
  3. cEcho spacing for the first/other refocusing interval
  4. dFlip angle used in IR/reference acquisition
  5. eNumber of echoes used in each shot for acquisition/SPSS start-up