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Table 3 Adverse Reactions Categorized by Agents Specific Characteristics

From: 2015 Update on Acute Adverse Reactions to Gadolinium based Contrast Agents in Cardiovascular MR. Large Multi-National and Multi-Ethnical Population Experience With 37788 Patients From the EuroCMR Registry

Agent Molecular Structure I Ionic / Non-Ionic Log Ktherm Reactions (%)
Gadopentetate (e.g. Magnevist) Linear Ionic 22.1 0.16
Gadoteracid (e.g. Dotarem) Cyclic Ionic 25.8 0.12
Gadobenat (e.g. Multihance) Linear Ionic 22.6 0.42
Gadobutrol (e.g. Gadovist) Cyclic Non-Ionic 21.8 0.10
Gadoteridol (e.g. Prohance) Cyclic Non-Ionic 23.8 0.19
Gadodiamide (e.g. Omniscan) Linear Non-Ionic 16.9 0.05
Others N/A N/A N/A N/A
  1. Log Ktherm, chelate stability; N/A, non applicable