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Fig. 6 | Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

Fig. 6

From: Parallel simulations for QUAntifying RElaxation magnetic resonance constants (SQUAREMR): an example towards accurate MOLLI T1 measurements

Fig. 6

SQUAREMR T1 and T2 estimates of ten phantoms in comparison to their reference T1 and T2 values for a clinically relevant 5(3p)3 MOLLI acquisition scheme. In black rectangles are the T1 and T2 values given by SQUAREMR whereas in black x are the corresponding relaxation constants reference standard values. SQUAREMR demonstrated a small T1 estimation error for all T1 and T2 combinations. The T2 estimation error was small only for phantoms with long T1 and short T2 values. For samples with other T1 and T2 combinations, SQUAREMR demonstrated a larger error in estimating T2 with the MOLLI pulse sequence

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