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Fig. 8

From: Parallel simulations for QUAntifying RElaxation magnetic resonance constants (SQUAREMR): an example towards accurate MOLLI T1 measurements

Fig. 8

Mean T1 values per short axis slice, myocardial segment nine and blood pool. The mean T1 values were measured with SQUAREMR and conventional MOLLI post-processing for three different MOLLI acquisition schemes. In black rectangles are the mean T1 values given by SQUAREMR whereas in black circles are the corresponding mean T1 values given by the conventional MOLLI post-processing (FLASH-based). Error bars depict the standard deviation of the mean for each MOLLI acquisition scheme. Data were extracted from the four volunteers that were examined additionally with 4(1p)3(1p)2 and 5(0p)3

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