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Table 1 Classification of ACM patients (n = 31) according to the current recommendations [12]

From: Mapping tissue inhomogeneity in acute myocarditis: a novel analytical approach to quantitative myocardial edema imaging by T2-mapping

  ACM (n)
Clinical presentation  
 Acute chest pain 23
 New-onset (days up to 3 months) or worsening of: dyspnoea at rest or exercise/fatigue, with or without left and/or right heart failure signs 16
 Palpitations/arrhythmia symptoms/syncope/aborted sudden cardiac death 18
 Cardiogenic shock 1
Diagnostic criteria  
 ECG/Holter/stress test features 31
 Elevated TnT/TnI 26
 Functional and structural abnormalities on cardiac imaging (echo/angio/CMR) 31
 Tissue characterization by CMR  
  Visual edema (T2-weighted imaging) 23
  T2-Ratio ≥1.9 [6, 22] 25
  Early Enhancement Ratio (EGEr) >4 17
  Visual LGE of non ischemic pattern 30
  Edema + EGEr positive 1
  Edema + LGE positive 9
  EGEr + LGE positive 6
  3 out of 3 criteria positive 15
Exclusion of CAD by coronary angiography 31