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Table 15 Recommendations for CMR in acute and chronic heart failure

From: Role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology

Recommendations for CMR in ambulatory patients suspected of having heart failure Classa Levelb Page
CMR imaging is recommended to evaluate cardiac structure and function, to measure LVEF, and to characterize cardiac tissue, especially in subjects with inadequate echocardiographic images or where the echocardiographic findings are inconclusive or incomplete (but taking account of cautions/contraindications to CMR). I C 10
Myocardial perfusion/ischaemia imaging (echocardiography, CMR, SPECT, or PET) should be considered in patients thought to have coronary artery disease, and who are considered suitable for coronary revascularization, to determine whether there is reversible myocardial ischaemia and viable myocardium. IIa C 10
  1. a Class of recommendation
  2. b Level of evidence