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Table 5 Results from ROC analysis for all Fermi versus DP modeling comparisons

From: Quantitative assessment of myocardial blood flow in coronary artery disease by cardiovascular magnetic resonance: comparison of Fermi and distributed parameter modeling against invasive methods

Statistics Fermi vs DP modeling (Per vessel) Fermi vs DP modeling (Per patient)
P values from comparisons of ROC curves between models
 MBF 0.01* 0.0065*
 MPR 0.02* 0.0089*
 MPR2 0.21 0.0064*
Difference in AUC of ROC curves between models
 MBF -0.08 (-0.15,-0.02) -0.11 (-0.19,-0.03)
 MPR -0.10 (-0.18,-0.02) -0.09 (-0.16,-0.02)
 MPR2 -0.05 (-0.13, 0.03) -0.07 (-0.12,-0.02)
  1. Statistically significant differences are indicated with *. Comparisons in per vessel and per patient analysis are presented. Parentheses show 95 % confidence intervals. DP distributed parameter modeling, MBF myocardial blood flow, MPR myocardial perfusion reserve, MPR 2 myocardial perfusion reserve of the two lowest scoring segments, AUC area under the curve