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Table 1 Final relative concentrations of Nickel ion (Ni2+) and Agarose required to mimic native and late-Gd human blood and myocardium T1 and T2 values

From: Magnetic resonance imaging phantoms for quality-control of myocardial T1 and ECV mapping: specific formulation, long-term stability and variation with heart rate and temperature

  Nickel (mM) Agarose (%) T1 (ms) T2 (ms)
Mixture A
Native Myocardium
0.90 2.10 1000 55
Mixture B
Native Blood
0.48 0.45 1500 225
Mixture C
Post-Gd Myocardium
2.35 2.50 510 44
Mixture D
Post-Gd Blood
3.70 0.45 365 125