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Table 1 Detailed schedule of material components

From: Effects of heart valve prostheses on phase contrast flow measurements in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance – a phantom study

Investigated objects Material components, percentage of metal elements, orifice area
Synthetic aortic valve Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene copolymer (ABS plus), 3D printed
Orifice area: 2.0 cm2
Prosthesis I Stent: polyoxymethylene, covered with polyester cloth
Annulus: tungsten, silicon
Leaflet: glutaraldehyde fixated bovine pericardium
Orifice area: 2.0 cm2
Prosthesis II Stent: corrosion-resistant Elgiloy (cobalt 40%, chromium 20%, nickel 15%, molybdenum 7%, manganese 2%, carbon <0.10%, beryllium <0.10%, iron 5.8%)
Leaflet: bovine pericadium
Orifice area: 1.8 cm2
Prosthesis III Orifice: pyrolythic carbon
Leaflets: pyrolytic carbon graphite coated and tungsten (20%) impregnated
Annulus: pyrolytic carbon, velour polyester, titanium, coated with Hemashield conduit (double velour polyester collagen impregnated)
Orifice area: 1.55 cm2