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Table 3 Correlation between RV Function and Body Composition after Adjusting for Sex and Height

From: Impaired right ventricular contractile function in childhood obesity and its association with right and left ventricular changes: a cine DENSE cardiac magnetic resonance study

  RV Longitudinal Strain RV Mass Index
r p r p
BMI z-scorea 0.28 0.02 0.56 <0.001
Waist circumference 0.31 0.01 0.44 <0.001
Hip circumference 0.40 0.004 0.46 <0.001
Abdominal circumference 0.38 0.002 0.44 <0.001
Waist/Hip Ratio 0.07 0.61 0.26 0.052
  1. Multivariate linear regression was used for each pair of predictor (body composition) and outcome (function) variables with adjustment for sex and height
  2. aBMI z-score was only adjusted for sex