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Table 4 Multivariate regression models for predictors of T1, ECV, and T2

From: Age and sex corrected normal reference values of T1, T2 T2* and ECV in healthy subjects at 3T CMR

Parameter Coefficient p
a) T1   
Intercept 975 <0.001
Age (years) 0.97 <0.005
Sex (female) 24 0.05
Heart Rate (bpm) 1.29 0.06
b) ECV   
Intercept 22.7 <0.001
Age (years) 0.042 0.014
Sex (female) 3.18 <0.001
c) T2
Intercept 56 <0.001
Age (years) −0.074 0.04
  1. Age, Sex, systolic blood pressure, Heart Rate, GFR, and cardiovascular risk factors (smoking; hypertension, familary history of CAD and cholesterol level) were entered in the models