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Table 1 Modified AHA classification of atherosclerotic plaque

From: Aortic atheroma as a source of stroke – assessment of embolization risk using 3D CMR in stroke patients and controls

Modified AHA Classification for aortic CMR (derived from carotid MRI [13])  
Type I–II: near-normal wall thickness, no calcification, not visible because of limited spatial resolution  
Type III: intimal thickening with no calcification or small eccentric plaque without calcification  
Type IV–V: plaque with a lipid or necrotic core surrounded by fibrous tissue with possible calcification  
Type VI: complex plaque with possible surface defect, hemorrhage, or thrombus  
Type VII: calcified plaque without features of VI  
Type VIII: fibrotic plaque without lipid core and with possible small calcifications without features of VI