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Table 1 Characteristics of healthy and HF patients studied

From: Cardiac work is related to creatine kinase energy supply in human heart failure: a cardiovascular magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

  1. Values are means ±standard deviation at the time of the MRI/MRS exam or numbers of subjects in each group (n). Psys and Pdia are the resting systolic and diastolic blood pressures; NYHA New York Heart Association HF class, Meds medications, BMI body mass index, BSA body surface area. LVM left ventricular mass, EDV, ESV and SV are the end-diastolic, end-systolic and stroke volumes respectively; and EF = ejection fraction, measured by CMR (shaded). *p < 0.01, †p < 0.002 and § p ≤ 0.0001 vs. healthy subjects (independent 2-tailed t-test)