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Table 4 Determinants of aortic distensibility in the descending aorta in adult women with Turner syndrome

From: Impaired aortic distensibility and elevated central blood pressure in Turner Syndrome: a cardiovascular magnetic resonance study

  Beta SE P-value
Central systolic blood pressure −0.00001 0.00002 0.5
Augmentation index −4.8−6 0.00002 0.8
Age −0.0006 0.00003 0.005
Type 2 Diabetes −0.0002 0.0006 0.7
Aortic coarctation −0.001 0.0005 0.03
  1. Multiple linear regression model including central systolic blood pressure, age and diabetes status, augmentation index (heart rate corrected), and aortic coarctation shows that only aortic coarctation and age remained significant explanatory variables to aortic distensibility in adult women with Turner syndrome