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Table 2 Results of the linear- regression and Bland-Altman analyses to determine inter-technique agreement between the different modalities and techniques

From: Echocardiography and cardiovascular magnetic resonance based evaluation of myocardial strain and relationship with late gadolinium enhancement

 rpBias (%)LOA (%)p
 Echo vs. FT0.71< 0.0010.9−5.8 to 7.60.07
 Echo vs. SENC0.75< 0.0010.6−5.9 to 7.20.21
 FT vs. SENC0.81< 0.001−0.2−6.6 to 6.30.72
 FT vs. SENC0.67< 0.0011.0−5.8 to 7.80.05