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Table 5 Results of ROC analysis and the univariate logistic regression analysis, demonstrating the association between strain measurements and LGE

From: Echocardiography and cardiovascular magnetic resonance based evaluation of myocardial strain and relationship with late gadolinium enhancement

 ROC analysisUnivariate logistic regression
AUC95% CIpOR95% CIp
Echo - GLS0.580.42–0.750.3461.090.95–1.240.213
FT - GLS0.670.52–0.830.0481.191.04–1.360.013
FT - GCS0.770.62–0.910.0031.301.11–1.530.001
SENC - GLS0.720.57–0.880.0111.181.04–1.340.010
SENC - GCS0.780.64–0.910.0021.411.14–1.740.002