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Fig. 4

From: Dynamic quantitative nonenhanced magnetic resonance angiography of the abdominal aorta and lower extremities using cine fast interrupted steady-state in combination with arterial spin labeling: a feasibility study

Fig. 4

55-year-old healthy male. a QISS MRA shows normal appearance of the peripheral arteries. b Coronal cFASL (maximum intensity projections across all slices, 6 of 22 frames shown) acquired through the upper pelvis, thigh-pelvis junction, mid-thigh and calf-thigh junction (top row to bottom row, respectively). Symmetrical progression of the labeled bolus (red arrows) through the legs is observed. A small amount of arterial signal can be observed in early frames (green arrowhead), which represents residual signal from tagging that occurred in a prior cardiac cycle. Retrograde flow in veins is observed above each tag (long blue arrow = inferior vena cava)

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