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Table 4 Results of patients with vascular pathology

From: Dynamic quantitative nonenhanced magnetic resonance angiography of the abdominal aorta and lower extremities using cine fast interrupted steady-state in combination with arterial spin labeling: a feasibility study

Group 3 - Peripheral Artery Pathology
  Age Sex Pathology Imaging Plane Slices/level Qualitative Imaging Findings
Patient 1 58 F Right SFA Stenosis Coronal, Sagittal 3 Hemodynamically significant stenosis
Patient 2 67 M Left SFA Occlusion Coronal 3–5 Collateral vessels on the left with slower flow compared to right SFA
Patient 3 69 M Left CIA Stenosis Coronal 4–5 Appeared high grade on static CT images but flow was similar bilaterally at rest and the patient was not symptomatic on the left side
Patient 4 73 F Fem-pop Graft Anastomosis Stenosis Coronal, Sagittal 3 Hemodynamically significant stenosis with slower flow above the stenosis and rapid flow through the stenosis
Patient 5 74 F Mid Fem-pop Graft Stenosis Coronal, Sagittal 1 Symmetric flow in bilateral grafts suggests the stenosis is not hemodynamically significant at rest
Patient 6 76 M Left CFA Stenosis Coronal 3,7 Decreased flow on the left side compared to the right side consistent with a hemodynamically significant stenosis
Patient 7 81 F Right SFA Occlusion Coronal 5 Collateral thigh vessels with reduced flow compared to the left side
Patient 8 78 F Multifocal Below-knee Occlusive Atheroma Coronal 5 Markedly reduced flow below the knee bilaterally with collateral vessels seen
Patient 9 65 M Right CFA Stenosis Coronal 5 Tortuous vessel but the stenosis was not hemodynamically significant
Patient 10a 46 M Right CIA/EIA Dissection Coronal 5, 1 Differential flow patterns in true and false lumen
Group 4 - Abdominal Aorta Pathology
  Age Sex Pathology    Qualitative Imaging Findings
Patient 1 48 F Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome Sagittal, Sagittal oblique 1–2 Severe stenosis of the celiac axis by the median arcuate ligament with reduced flow in the celiac axis
Patient 2a 46 M Chronic dissection Coronal 6 Differential flow patterns in true and false lumen
  1. aPatient 10 in group 3 and patient 2 in group 4 are the same patient but imaged at different levels as pathology was seen in both areas of interest