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Table 1 Demographic Data

From: Feasibility of real-time cine cardiac magnetic resonance imaging to predict the presence of significant retrosternal adhesions prior to redo-sternotomy

Patient Characteristics Results
Total number of patients 23
Gender (male/female) 15/8
Median age at CMR (years) 5.5
Median age at redo surgery (years) 6.1
Primary Diagnoses
 TOF 15
 SV 1
Planned Redo Surgery
 PVR 9
 RV-PA homograft replacement 6
 Fontan 5
 MVR 1
 Glenn 1
 TV repair 1
  1. Abbreviations: TOF tetralogy of Fallot, HLHS hypoplastic left heart syndrome, AVSD atrioventricular septal defect, SV functional single ventricle, PVR pulmonary valve replacement, RV-PA right ventricle to pulmonary artery, MVR mitral valve repair, TV tricuspid valve