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Table 4 Variables associated with the likelihood of left ventricular recovery in PPCM patients by logistic regression

From: Left ventricular function recovery in peripartum cardiomyopathy: a cardiovascular magnetic resonance study by myocardial T1 and T2 mapping

VariablesUnivariable analysisMultivariable analysisa
OR95% CIP valuesOR95% CIP values
Age (years)0.9470.8131.1030.483    
BMI (kg/m2)1.0220.8221.2710.843    
SBP (mmHg)1.1080.9821.2500.0971.2160.9891.4960.064
DBP (mmHg)1.1451.0031.3070.045    
HR (beat/min)1.0220.9661.0820.446    
NYHA class0.6720.1812.5020.554    
logNT-proBNP (pg/ml)0.4080.0692.4290.325    
logTnT (ng/L)0.1290.0082.1080.151    
LVEDVI (ml/m2)0.9920.9641.0210.596    
LVEF (%)1.0470.9601.1410.301    
LVMIi (g)0.9750.9191.0330.392    
RVEDVI (ml/m2)0.9980.9761.0190.835    
RVEF (%)1.0040.9461.0660.893    
LGE, n (%)0.2080.0301.4670.115    
ECV (%)0.7030.5120.9650.0290.5790.3510.9550.032
Native T1 (ms)0.9820.9660.9980.030    
Post T1 (ms)1.0241.0001.0480.051    
T2 (ms)0.7080.4921.0190.063    
  1. CI confidence interval, OR odds ratio. Other abbreviations are the same as in Table 1
  2. aAll covariates with a P value of less than .10 (except for DBP, to avoid the collinearity with SBP) in the univariable analysis were entered into the multivariable model by forward stepwise method