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Table 2 Comparison of the RF as measured by each method

From: Direct measurement of atrioventricular valve regurgitant jets using 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance is accurate and reliable for children with congenital heart disease: a retrospective cohort study

 Median (IQR)Mild
Moderate - Severe
(>49 %)
VOL21.4% (7.5–42.3%)22a377
AIMstat19.2% (5.8–30.0%)27a245
AIMtrack16.4% (4.5–27.4%)27a334
JET22.1% (9.9–37.6%)27935
  1. a5 subjects by VOL, 6 by AIMstat, and 7 by AIMtrack had negative regurgitant fractions and were not included in this table. VOL Volumetry method, AIMstat Annular inflow method by static plane, AIMtrack Annular inflow method by valve-tracking plane, JET Direct measurement of the atrioventricular regurgitant jet