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Table 3 Association between cardiac imaging measurements and alcohol consumption

From: Myocardial tissue and metabolism characterization in men with alcohol consumption by cardiovascular magnetic resonance and 11C-acetate PET/CT

 Alcohol consumption vs. healthy controlsaHeavy vs. moderate alcohol consumptionb
βc95% CIPβc95% CIP
CMR measurements
 Native T1, ms− 59.19−89, −30< 0.001− 8.83−58, 400.714
 Post T1, ms−33.01−57, −90.008−21.16−51, 80.155
 ECV, %1.630.58, 2.670.0031.29−0.25, 2.830.097
PET measurements
 Kmono, min−1 × 10−3−10.67−21.57, 0.240.055−10.93−19.26, −2.610.012
 K1, min−1−0.04−0.17, 0.090.548−0.01− 0.12, 0.090.808
  1. ECV extracellular volume fraction. aThe multivariate model is adjusted for age, BMI, history of smoke, and diastolic blood pressure. bThe multivariate model is adjusted for age, and systolic blood pressure. cValues are the difference in MRI and PET imaging measurements between subjects with moderate to heavy alcohol consumption and healthy controls and between subjects with heavy and moderate alcohol consumption