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Table 3 ANCOVAs for significant correlations

From: Regional variations in ex-vivo diffusion tensor anisotropy are associated with cardiomyocyte remodeling in rats after left ventricular pressure overload

DTI Parameter Histo Parameter aBest ANCOVA R2 Correlation p-value ANCOVA
Helix Angle Helix Angle Same Line 0.71 << 0.001 (6e-9)
L:W Same Line 0.23 0.0073
Helix Angle Dispersion Helix Angle Parallel Lines 0.23 0.0078 0.0063/0.0008
Myocyte Width Same Line 0.31 0.0013
L:W Separate Lines 0.30 0.0019 0.0363/0.0046
Sheet Angle Dispersion Helix Angle Same Line 0.20 0.0130
L:H Same Line 0.25 0.0049
Primary Eigenvalue Helix Angle Separate Lines 0.27 0.0036 0.0121/0.0025
Secondary Eigenvalue W:H Same Line 0.21 0.0112
MD W:H Same Line 0.25 0.0053
FA Helix Angle Same Line 0.48 < 0.001 (2e-5)
CL Helix Angle Same Line 0.56 < 0.001 (2e-6)
CP Helix Angle Same Line 0.27 0.0032
L:W Same Line 0.24 0.0062
MFA Same Line 0.24 0.0057
CS Helix Angle Same Line 0.26 0.0038
  1. aBest ANCOVA indicates whether there is a different spatial relationship between SHAM and TAC groups. Same lines indicate that the DTI parameter and histological measurement are associated, regardless of TAC or SHAM group (i.e. correlation); parallel lines indicate a similar spatial relationship between variables for both groups, but with an offset; separate lines indicate a different spatial relationship between groups