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Table 4 Intra- and inter-observer reproducibility of the measurements of myocardial and skeletal mapping characteristics in IIM patients

From: Multiparametric cardiovascular magnetic resonance characteristics and dynamic changes in myocardial and skeletal muscles in idiopathic inflammatory cardiomyopathy

 Bias95% LOACoV (%)ICC
 Native T1-myo (ms)−4.7(− 34.5–25.1)0.860.99
 T2 mapping-myo (ms)0.3(−1.3–1.8)1.280.99
 ECV-myo (%)−0.4(− 2.2–1.3)2.190.99
 Native T1-sk (ms)− 9.0(−83.5–65.5)2.120.98
 T2 mapping-sk (ms)−0.2(− 2.6–2.1)2.810.96
 ECV-sk (%)−0.1(−2.7–2.6)2.710.99
 Native T1-myo (ms)−5.1(−39.2–29.0)0.980.98
 T2 mapping-myo (ms)0.3(−1.5–2.1)1.510.98
 ECV-myo (%)−0.2(−1.8–1.3)1.800.98
 Native T1-sk (ms)−10.8(−126.6–118.3)3.520.93
 T2 mapping-sk (ms)−0.2(−3.8–3.2)4.430.91
 ECV-sk (%)0.3(−2.7–3.4)3.170.99
  1. Abbreviation: LOA limit of agreement, CoV coefficient of variation, ICC intraclass correlation coefficients, CI confidence intervals, ECV extracellular volume fraction