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Table 1 Intra-segmental comparison of corresponding heart segments in short axis (SAx) and long axis (LAx). P-values < 0.05 are in bold print

From: Cardiac T2 mapping: robustness and homogeneity of standardized in-line analysis

Short Axis (SAx)Long Axis (LAx)p values
Segment 1Segment 1 two chamber0.815
Segment 2Segment 2 three chamber0.261
Segment 3Segment 3 four chamber0.980
Segment 4Segment 4 two chamber0.692
Segment 5Segment 5 three chamber0.389
Segment 6Segment 6 four chamber0.457
Segment 7Segment 7 two chamber0.800
Segment 8Segment 8 three chamber0.298
Segment 9Segment 9 four chamber0.903
Segment 10Segment 10 two chamber0.137
Segment 11Segment 11 three chamber0.013
Segment 12Segment 12 four chamber0.150
Segment 13Segment 13 two chamber0.439
Segment 14Segment 14 four chamber0.562
Segment 14Segment 14 three chamber0.001
Segment 15Segment 15 two chamber0.020
Segment 16Segment 16 four chamber0.000
Segment 16Segment 16 three chamber0.001